Seniors Aid New Hampshire (SANH) is comprised of residents of New Hampshire nursing homes, assisted living and independent living communities. These individuals work together to improve the lives of their fellow residents and the greater community of New Hampshire.

SANH members typically organize first within their own home through resident councils or the gathering of interested individuals. These local groups then work together with residents of other homes throughout New Hampshire. The state-wide group communicates via emails and monthly conference calls and gathers at other times for special events. In 2016, WMUR captured a few moments of the Celebratory Luncheon and the piece was included in their evening newscast! Watch the video here.  (Watch the 2012 video here.)

SANH works with key state leaders and policy makers on issues that affect long-term care and independent living residents. They know that they and their fellow residents need to be included in the process of creating and changing long-term care policies. They know that in many cases rules, regulations, policies, and laws are created and implemented without consulting with the residents who are impacted.